Saturday, February 14, 2015

When life puts you in a though situation, don't say ''why me'', say ''try me''

Finally. I was wondering why it never happened. I became homesick after New Year. I'm not embarrassed about it, I can easily say I got homesick - I'm 16 years old and I miss home more than anything else (except my best friend - but she's a part of home, Finland). I have not got over it, I'm still homesick but trying to find solutions to deal with it. There is not much I can do but I just try to keep myself super busy and plan lots of fun things... There is those moments when all of my feelings appear when I'm talking to home and I just cry, cry and cry. I want to go home, I have to. Then, somehow I get over those feelings and thoughts when I realize again that my friends and everybody is there, waiting for me and supporting me so I can make it to the end. It has happened often and it still keeps happening, but I'm still here and I promised myself I will make it to the end. I am sure the homesickness will go away, it will not hang on me forever. I have wonderful wonderful people here around me, giving me energy to keep going even though I really am going crazy. People taking me out of the crazy environment that makes me homesick. If nothing in a daily life is easy and not enjoyable, who in the world would not get homesick...

I do not try to make any excuses - I just have to say that I have not had energy to update my blog. This post is just a short little update so you know what's going on. When my situation gets better I will probably start updating about normal things again. I started Track&Field which cheers me up. A lot. I'll just stop this typing now. I'm not embarrassed to tell I'm homesick, not at all - I just don't want to make it as a bigger deal than it actually is. It will go away :-)

One thing I have to say, I decided to start updating my blog in Finnish again. Sorry about that - changing my mind all the time. It will be hard and take more time when I have to translate my thoughts to Finnish but I really have to start improving my Finnish again. I can't go home and not speak Finnish. Too embarrassing. So, now you'll get Finnish posts again!

Now my break is officially over. I'm actually updating my blog!!!

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