Saturday, December 20, 2014

Las Vegas weekend

Now I see why Vegas is called 'the city of lights', I really do. Last weekend was a blast! We started our trip with a small organization on Friday after school with three other exchange students and the nicest leaders (and owners of the organization) and their kids. I'd say the drive from Phoenix to Vegas was maybe 6 hours (correct if you know better) at the night.. We stopped to eat in the middle of nowhere in a very American restaurant after a couple of hours and got to the hotel called Circus Circus around 12 pm, I guess. I'm 100% satisfied to that hotel as well as the whole trip.. We got to see the whole Strip in general on Saturday which I thought would be crazier. But to be honest I wasn't even tired for walking, I was only tired since I haven't slept almost at all for several nights. Now I'll let the pictures to tell more about our incredible weekend!

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